Sunday Gravy was started in the summer of 2006 by 3 guys (occasionally 4 or 5) who just can’t get it through their heads that they already play in enough bands.

This band was started as another side project that would hopefully fill a void missing from our other projects. As cool as it is to create our own music, there’s always a part of us that misses playing the songs of our influences, particularly if there could be some level of profit involved! We are all huge fans of 60’s and 70’s rock (some of us are old enough to have actually bought these records when they were new, but we’re not naming names).

Our goal was to play the music of our heros in a simplified acoustic setting so that people could just sit back and enjoy without getting their heads taken off. We also wanted the ability to work anywhere regardless of venue size. We just want to go out and have some fun.

The band is typically a 3 piece comprised of guitar, bass and percussion. We have known each other and played in various bands together for better than 15 years. The face of the band is Jason Jarvis, and what a face it is!! Jay is a soulful singer who wrings every last bit from a song. And he also hits assorted congas, shakers, tamburines and whatever else he can find very rhythmically. He’s a pretty good harp player too! Our guitar player, Jamie Conroy is an outstanding musician. He is one of the best players in our area. He brings an intensity to our sound that helps prevent us from becoming background music. Holding down the bottom is Dave Allen. He contributes his love for harmonizing and even throws in a few lead vocals here and there to give Jason a break. Dave is a veteran of many, many, many bands. When the venue warrants it, or when we just start to miss them, we will bring in one of our good friends Mel Corcino or John Grady to play drums. Suffice to say they ROCK!!! When we get into full Sunday Gravy Big Band mode we’ll bring in one of our “ringer” keyboard players, Gino Cozzolino or Brian Lauri.

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