Barefoot Truth is a symbol of genuine independent music success. Their dedicated and ever expanding grassroots following, including more than 8 million plays on Pandora, has been built one listener at a time.

It wasn’t planned this way. In the beginning, it wasn’t a band, it wasn’t even a concept. It was just two friends getting together and doing what they loved most. Will Evans (guitar, drums, vocals) and Jay Driscoll (acoustic, electric, Weissenborn guitars) met in Mystic, CT shortly after graduating high school, and they spent much of that summer playing music together, often strumming guitars and singing on the beach. Come fall, Evans went off to St. Michael’s College in Burlington, VT, and Driscoll headed to UMass-Amherst. Though neither knew it at the time, Barefoot Truth had already taken its first step.

They kept in touch over the school year and got together to jam when they could. And each time they did, it became more obvious–something was brewing here. So, during the summer of 2004, Evans and Driscoll put together a set of covers and original songs and began performing live as Barefoot Truth, for the first time. For the next three years, they remained an acoustic duo, performing and recording two albums (“Changes in the Weather” and “Club House Sessions”, both produced by the Grammy nominee Jack Gauthier), and crafting their own style while earning their college degrees. They had decided, at that time, to begin reaching for a fuller sound yet they still didn’t know what form that would take. But their ears were wide open.

Building the band was an organic process. Upright and electric bassist Andy Wrba caught a Barefoot Truth show at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton, MA in 2006 introducing himself after the set. The next day, he sat in with Evans and Driscoll at a show that turned out to be his audition. To become the newest member of Barefoot Truth. A quick study, with a degree in Jazz Studies, (he learned all the songs for the first show during the 30 minute drive to the gig), Wrba brought a much-needed low end to the band’s groove, and his versatility and deep musical knowledge immediately helped shape their compositions. Garrett Duffy, a college friend of Evans’, was a budding harmonica player who initially got involved; not so much to play but to help promote the band, book some gigs, and enjoy the road trips with the boys. But once his harp talent was fully revealed, he was asked to play on a couple of tracks on “Club House Sessions.” From there, he jumped in fully as a band member, and soon his signature harmonica bends became an integral part of the Barefoot Truth sound.

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